9th to 23rd of February 2010 at the Parliament of Saxony in Dresden


Rooms / corridors of DIE LINKE, 4 Floor, Parliament Building , Bernhard-von-Lindenau-Platz 1, 01067 Dresden

On the 13th of February 2010 the entire Germany marks the destruction of Dresden by the Allied forces that occurred on this day, 65 years ago. The respective memory of the events has lately been used in demonstrations by neo-nationalists and by the right-wing circles and has also been politically instrumentalized.

The exhibition "Im Objektiv des Feindes. Die deutschen Bildberichterstatter im besetzten Warschau 1939-1945", that can be visited from February 9th to the 23rd, 2010 in several rooms of the Parliament building of Saxony, in Dresden, is presented by the organizer with some historical corrections. This exhibition presents the bombing of Dresden in February 1945 in the larger context of the entire process of the Second World War and gives relevance to the memory of the destruction of many European cities by the German Armed Forces.

That is so because Desden was only one from many European cities that became reduced to rubble and ash in the process of the Second World War. Warsaw, Rotterdam, Coventry and several other cities suffered the same fate.

The Polish capital city Warsaw was not only hit hard by the air raids during the German "September Campaign", but it ended up by falling as a result of the entire damage caused during the "Warsaw Uprising" in the last months of the war.

The exhibition documents mostly unpublished photographs taken by German war correspondents during the periods of the war and of the occupation. Due to the impressive and often shocking character of the photographs the degree of the destruction of Warsaw not only becomes present, but it also gives an idea of the everyday life in occupied Warsaw and of the Warsaw Ghetto. The exhibition developed from a joint German-Polish cooperation effort and aims, therefore, to bring to memory the destruction of the European cities, as well as Dresden, in the Second World War.

We hope to have picked your interest and we look forward to welcoming you to the exhibition.


Vernissage on the 9th of February 2010, 18:00 to 20:30


Musical attunement

18:05-18:15 Opening of the exhibition by the group chairman of the parliamentary group of Left Party , Dr. André Hahn
18:15-18:25 Welcome address by Prof. Dr. Konrad Vanja (Director of the Museum of European cultures - National Museums of Berlin)
18:25-18:45 Introduction by Prof. Dr. Dr. Dr. h.c. Gerhard Besier: To destroy European cities during World War II

Lecture with pictures: "The occupied Warsaw in the lens of the enemy (1939-1945). Some remarks about the fate of a European city during the Second World War."

Prof. Dr. Cezary Król Eugeniusz (Polish Academy of Sciences , Warsaw)

19:30-19:35 Music
19:35-20:00 Guided tour of the exhibition in the presence of organizers
20:00-20:30 Small snack in the foyer / staircase of the 4th Floor of the Parliament

























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